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Sunday, 18 December 2011 check it out......!
New web site is up and running.... its coming along.... we have had so many comments on how easy it is to use.
Please let me know some more feedback, good and bad! as I want it to be the web site you all want.
Have a good evening...

Beck x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rebecca James (model for Brigid Foley) 22.05.2011

Good evening!!
Well the last few days were good fun! Went to a lovely bed and breakfast in Devon to do some photos for Brigid Foley new website!!
We need some natural shots for the front page. Trying to find the right clothes to represent Brigid Foley, was believe it or not ....difficult.
 Anyway we did quite a few, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful setting

There was a lovely little gypsy caravan there, take a look.......

We have taken loads of others, but do you know..... don't think we are going to use many for the web page now..... how annoying, they just don't seem right. We have to match up colours and backgrounds it is proving difficult to say the least!

Well in case you are wondering I have just eaten liver, bacon and mash ha ha, and it is that glorious time of night which is................. bed time for my kiddies!!! yeah ha ha (oh thats not nice I hear you say, but I do love them.)

There was so many props around Tor Cottage that were just delightful, i will show you a couple;

Nice eh!........
Well nice to talk to you, and see you again soon....... xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rebecca James (model for Brigid Foley) 17.05.2011

Well good evening,
Writing this blog eating a pasty and coleslaw, mulling over the day I have had so far........
I worked in the shop today (Brigid Foley), first time working in there, with guidance from Sally who is great.
Very interesting....... met some lovely ladies, some ladies come in and know 100% what they are looking for and others need some guidance.
I do love the ladies who do not know where to start as I just love making them realise that they have assets that they are not aware of, and to bring colour into play!
Thats what I love about Brigid Foley, the clothes are funky, smart, conservative and elegant all in one shop! Unfortunately there is not many clothes shops that have the whole package, its usually all too young or too boring or too old!!

Mind you, I did feel a bit anxious when I arrived to work this morning as I haven't worked in a shop for a long time, must have been 1998 at John Lewis in Welwyn-Garden-City. I did love working there, I had a lot of fun (parties were great ha ha).
Also I'm aware that people do not like being spoken to as soon as they walk through the door, as long as you have a friendly face they are happy in the beginning, i think its a bit intimidating ( I don't like it myself).
I used to think "if I wanted any help, I will ask!" or maybe i'm just a moody cow ha ha.
In John Lewis we had training on customer contact and was told as soon as we saw a person, we had to give eye contact straight away with a natural smile for at least 5 seconds. A lot of these sort of customer contact rules have gone right out the window in most shops, I mean some shops don't even know you have walked in!!! or they are chatting to there friend on the phone, or what really annoys me, they are reading something or writing and I have been standing waiting for them to acknowledge me and they glance quickly but just carry on!! i hate that! don't get me wrong, if they are busy, i am fully aware of this, but at least say "sorry be right with you" (with a smile!!)
Where have all the manners gone.........BRING THEM BACK ha ha.
Oh well had my little moan...... but before I go I must show you a gorgeous dress that I was photographed in on sunday, from of course.... Brigid Foley, colour is just amazing!! its by Desert design, 100% Linen. What do you think?
Until we meet again..........bye bye. xx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rebecca James (model for Brigid Foley) 15.05.2011

Hello again.......!
Hopefully I will get to grips with all this blogging??!!... may take some time.

Well today was fun, had a little photo shoot with Brigid Foley's lovely clothes with a fantastic photographer.  I am now getting very fond of certain designers of which i will show you....... when I work out how to put photos on ha ha.

Getting so excited about Brigid Foley new web site which will be live in a month or so. Wow what a load of planning a web site is, I had no idea!! but worth it i think. Soon find out.

Meanwhile take a look at the Brigid Foley Facebook page Ahh, well that worked, excellent.

Until the next amateur blogs he he .....bye bye xx

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Brigid Foley 24.04.2011

Wow my first post!

Hi, I would like to introduce myself, i'm Rebecca, and I model for a lovely little clothes shop called Brigid Foley, in the idilic beautiful county of Devon.